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23 FT Inflated Blimp Screen

23 FT Inflated Blimp Screen

    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: All Ages
    • Attendants: 1

    • $499.00
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This unit is available for delivery ONLY and is priced for an overnight rental. Our 23-Foot inflatable outdoor movie screen inflates in under a minute and has the flexibility to accommodate either front-projection or rear projection. Our giant movie screen is best suited for backyard parties and small venues.

 Audience Size: Blankets: 30, Chairs: 30, Standing: 40

-Whether indoors or outdoors, the area must be as dark as a movie theatre for the image to be seen clearly
-Relatively open area that is flat or slightly sloping and big enough to accommodate the movie screen, projector and movie viewers
-Access to electrical outlet or generator within 100 feet of the projector and screen set-up location.
-All sprinkler systems must be turned-off prior to the start of the movie and remain off until after equipment take-down. A dry lawn is preferable for the viewers on blankets.
-No overhead obstructions near the screen (trees, telephone/cable wires, etc.)
-You must obtain the necessary permits and/or permission to use parks, recreation areas, club houses, etc. Acadiana Fun Jumps is fully insured and can list your venue as additionally insured on our policy if required.
 -You must select and provide the movie and adhere to any relevant licensing conditions. Typically licenses are not required for back-yard private movie showings, but they are required for any public showing. 

                                                                                                                                      6 Hour Rental $699.00
Overnight Rental $798.75
 2 Day Rental $898.60

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