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Concession Machine Instructions

ALL concessions must be plugged into an outlet by itself with no other items plugged into the outlet!


Caution! Floss head rotates at 3450 rpm and the floss head gets very hot! Operator must keep hands and face clear of rotating head and keep spectators at a reasonable distance.
Loosen the motor mount screws located on either side of motor on base.

1)Place bowl on top.

2)Plug in floss machine.
Turn MAIN and HEAT switches on and heat control knob to the maximum setting. Approximate warm-up time is about 2-4 minutes
Turn machine off. Do not add sugar when motor is running!
Add 1scoop (located in drawer of machine) of floss sugar to the head, manually rotating head to balance floss sugar.

3) Turn MAIN and HEAT switches on and heat control knob to maximum setting

4) The machine should begin to make floss in a few minutes. As the unit heats up you may smell burning sugar or see smoke. If you do, reduce the heat by turning the heat control knob down just a little. Repeat this last step if necessary.

To pick up floss: hold cone about 2 inches from pointed end. With a light flicking action, break the web of floss that is building up on the pan (floss will usually stick to the cones. If not, dampen the cone with a sponge). Lift up the cone with the ring of floss attached and, by rotating the cone, whirl the floss onto it.

Cotton Candy Cleaning Instructions
Continue to run machine until no more floss comes out of head
Remove bowl and top
Wipe bowl, top and base of machine with a damp sponge and dish soap
Do not get floss head wet!


1)Make sure dump lever handle engages the kettle hanger.
Turn on kettle/stirrer and light switches (kettle may smoke during initial warm up)

2) Open kettle and add popcorn kit into kettle (use only ½ a bag for vintage machine)

3) Close lid

When corn stops popping, dump immediately
When popping is complete, turn off kettle/stirrer switch. Leave light switch on to warm the popcorn.

Popcorn Machine Cleaning Instructions
Remember both glass and stainless retain heat well. Allow time to cool prior to cleaning!
After unit has been unplugged and allowed to cool, remove any excess popcorn remaining in bottom.
Clean glass with household glass cleaner
Clean inside of kettle with a steel wool pad (do not immerse kettle in water)
Remove and clean screening tray and pan


1) Place the machine so that the switch and the door of the snow case face the operator. Plug the cord from the case into the receptacle located on the ice shaver. The black switch powers this receptacle and thus will operate the light in the case.

2) Drain hose attachment instructions:
locate the rubber hose running up the front left corner post of the case and attach this hose to the drain nipple extending down from the base of the machine. This drains off any water accumulating in the base of the machine so that it will not drip into the snow. The short hose is to be attached to the drain nipple extending down from the snow case. This drains the liquids from the case.

3) Machine operation: plug the ice shaver into a grounded receptacle. Place ice into the opening on top of the machine after the feed lever has been raised. Lower feed lever until it makes contact with the ice in the machine. Start the shaver by moving the switch to the CON position. Feed ice through with light, continuous pressure on the feed lever. When all the ice in the machine has been shaved, turn the switch to the OFF position, raise feed lever, refill with ice. Continue these steps until you get the amount of snow you want.

Should the machine choke up:
Turn the switch off immediately and disconnect the power cord form the electric circuit at once to avoid damage to the motor. Be sure to clear the machine of all ice before starting the motor again. Unplug the electrical cord before reaching into the machine.

The cause of choking:
Snow piling up in the case or pan so that it blocks off the underside of the feeder; knock down the snow before it gets too high or not enough pressure on the feed lever, making the snow too finely shaved


1) Place the drip tray on the counter top underneath the dispenser assembly.

2) Make sure the dispensing lever is in the closed (up) position- when the lever is moved upward, you will feel it SNAP into the fully closed position.

3) Remove the funnel lid.

4) Pour the soft-serve ice cream mix into the ingredient funnel. To add fruit, nuts, or candy to your ice cream, do so before you add the ice cream liquid to the machine (the candy will be crushed by the mixing blade). The funnel lid can be used as a convenient food pusher. Solid food must be less than 1 inch in diameter to pass through the ingredient funnel.

Note: most ingredients expand when frozen. Filling the ice cream maker with a large quantity of ice cream may cause dessert to back up through the freezing cylinder vent during operation. This is normal and will not harm the dessert maker. Reduce the amount of mix used to prevent this from occurring. If you are using a commercial soft-serve ice cream mix, use only 1 quart of mix per batch- greater quantities will not freeze adequately. One quart of commercial mix will make 2 quarts of ice cream. During operation, some dessert may accumulate in the ingredient funnel. This is normal. If the funnel lid is not positioned securely, however, ingredients may fill and overflow the funnel.

5) Replace the funnel lid and turn on the mixing blade by rocking the mix switch upward. The mixing indicator light will glow when the mixing blade is rotating.

Note: the funnel lid serves as an electrical interlock: the mixing blade will not rotate unless the lid is in place. Do not remove the funnel lid during freezing- removing and replacing the lid will extend the freezing time.
Turn on the freezing system by rocking the freeze switch upward. The freeze indicator light will glow when the freezing system is operation.

Note: unless the mix switch is on, the freezing system will not operate- even if the freeze switch is turned on. This prevents the ingredients from freezing solid.
As the ingredients begin to harden, check the consistency every few minutes through the dispenser faceplate. Do not let the dessert become too firm- it will not dispense properly.

6) When the dessert is ready, turn off the freezing system by rocking the freeze switch downward. Keep the mix switch on. Place a container under the dispensing spout and pull the lever down to dispense the dessert. For best results, all the dessert should be dispensed within several minutes.

Note: dessert will not dispense properly unless the mixing blade is rotating. If the dessert has become too firm to dispense completely, let the dessert thaw for a few minutes, then turn on the mixing blade and dispense. Moving the dispensing lever up and down several times may also help dispense a firm dessert.

After dispensing the dessert, turn the mixing blade off by rocking the mix switch downward.
Repeat previous steps to prepare additional batches of a dessert.

Automatic Overload Protection
A dessert that becomes extremely stiff will cause the dessert maker to automatically shut off to prevent damage. If this occurs, turn off the mix and freeze switches, wait 5 minutes for the dessert to thaw, and then turn the mix switch back on. If the mixing blade rotates, dispense the dessert; if not, let it thaw for more time.

Soft Serve Cleaning Instructions

Clean the machine thoroughly after every use.
Make certain the dispensing lever is in the closed (up) position.
Pour a quart of warm water with one or two drops of soap into the ingredient funnel, replace the lid, and turn on the mixing blade. Do not turn on the freezing system. After 30 seconds, dispense the soapy water into a container and turn off the mixing blade.
Remove the vent cap from the top of the frozen dessert maker. Wipe down with a warm, wet cloth. Make certain the dispensing lever is in the closed (up) position, and then pour a cup of clean rinse water into the freezing cylinder vent on top of the machine. Replace the vent cap.
Pour a quart of clean rinse water into the ingredient funnel, replace the lid, and turn on the mixing blade. After 30 seconds, dispense the water into a container and turn off the mixing blade. Repeat this step once more.
Wipe the freezing cylinder with a clean damp sponge, and then dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth. Clean the mixing blade and then wipe dry.
Wash the drip tray and drip plate in warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water and dry
Wipe the exterior of the machine with a warm, wet cloth.


1) Wipe paint bottle tips frequently. Use a large paper clip to unclog tips

2) Keep a damp washcloth handy to wipe tabletop and hands

3) Never lay machine on its side

4) Do not pour water into tub or submerge in water
Paint may stain

To Paint cards

1) Open top door and place card into bracket (tape may be used to secure on bottom) and close top door

2) Turn machine on - the switch is located on backside of machine.

3) Point the tip of the paint bottle through the screen and gently squeeze

4) When done painting, turn machine off and open door after the card has stopped spinning

5) Wipeout bin with a damp cloth in-between uses

Spin Art Cleaning Instructions

Wipe out the machine thoroughly with a damp rag
Dry with a clean rag or paper towel

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