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Self Pick-Up/ DITY FAQ

What is a self pick-up/ DITY? How does it work?

 - A self pick up or DITY (do it yourself) is when you pick up your FunJump order, set it up, party and then return it yourself. A DITY order will save you the travel fee and is 24 hour rental for the 6 hour price!

 - Pickup time is 9-10 am Sat and Sun.  Returns are between 8-9 am the following morning. 
What do I need for a self pickup order? What is included with the FunJump?

 - For FunJumps we recommend that you bring a pickup truck. The equipment MIGHT fit into a van or SUV, however, we ask that you bring a pickup truck for ease of loading and unloading.  We will not load Fun Jumps into a car.  For concession rentals, tables and chairs or other party equipment a truck, SUV, van or large car will usually work (depending on what all you have rented). Between 9-10 am we will have someone here to help you load your rental. If you are picking up after 10 am please bring 1-2 people to help load your rental.

 - Included with the FunJump is the motor, stakes and instructions. Extension cords, dollies and liners are available for rent if needed.
Is it difficult to set up a FunJump? How about concessions?

Not at all! You can find all of our instructions on FunJump Set Up Instructions and concessions on FunJump Concession.  We will also provide you with a set of instructions on how to properly set up your FunJump and/or run a concession when you pick-up.

What units are available for self pickup?

All of our basic FunJumps are available for self pick-up.  Select dry combos are aslo available for self pick-up. We also offer tables, chairs and concession machines for pick up.
Where do I pick up the equipment?

You pick-up your FunJump at 3136 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA  70503- across from the Grand 16 Theatre, next to Judice Inn.
When do I pick up the equipment?

For single day rentals Monday- Saturday: you pick up your rental equipment between 9-10 am the day of your rental and return the following morning between 8-9am 

Sunday Rentals are pickup from 9-10am and returned Monday morning between 9-10am 

Are there any extra fees?

 The only additional fees you may pay for DITY Fun Jumps are fees for abusing the equipment, losing parts or for returning equipment late.  Below are fees you may pay, but are not exclusive:
  • There is a $15 late fee charge and an additional $10 fee for every 15 minutes past due.
  • Cleaning Fee: $25 and up (clean out all belongings, debris, trash, mud, etc before rolling and returning the jump)
  • Repair Fee: $125 per hour
  • Re-roll Fee: $30 and up
  • Silly String Cleaning: $500 and up
  • Replace FunJump: $1,500 and up
  • Missing Rolling Strap: $10
  • Missing Stakes: $5 per stake
  • Replace Motor: $250 each


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